About the Fishing

McTavish Lake is approximately 20km. (13 miles) long but rarely more than 1km. wide. There are many islands, bays and long fingers so you can always find a protected spot to fish. In addition there are long channels which take you to places like Zbarsky Bay, Jackfish Alley and Turtle Bay. Reel North is the only Outfitter on the lake and our fishermen usually have the entire lake to themselves.

McTavish Lake has Northern Pike & Lake Trout in great abundance as well as white fish & burbot. The average weight is 3 to 5 lbs. and many in the 20+lb. range caught every year. In the early season, trout and pike can be caught casting or trolling. As the water warms the trout go down to deeper cooler water where you can use weighted line (steel, lead core, down riggers) or jig with heavy bait. The lake has a lot of natural underwater structure with many depth changes, rock ledges, sand bars and weed beds, as well as warm shallow bays . . . all good places to catch fish. You may want to bring a depth/fish finder to assist with finding these areas OR we offer fish finders for rent if you prefer.

In addition to McTavish Lake, we have limited access to two other lakes, Keith and Waters. Keith Lake is at the far north end of the lake and can be entered by boat through a small river like passage. Waters Lake requires a portage of approximately 250 yards on a path, with a cart to haul your gear. We have 2 boats at the lakeshore for your use. Both lakes have an abundance of trout and pike.

While not every day is the same, it is common for each boat to catch 30 to 50 fish a day. Remember, even a lousy day of fishing is better than a great day at work.

Reel North Outfitters is committed to the responsible management of our fishing resources, strongly encouraging Catch and Safe Release of all Northern Pike over 30" and all Lake Trout over 26"..