Angling Limits

At Reel North Outfitters we feel strongly about our commitment to the responsible management of our fishing resources. In consideration of that we have made some changes which took effect in May 2008. We considered changing our policy to catch and release but settled on a compromise so that our fishermen can still take home a feed of fish to share. Our hope is that you will only take home fish you truly intend to eat and leave the rest to be caught another day.

The following are your limits if staying with us:
- 3 Northern Pike
- 2 Trout
- 3 Whitefish

Included in this change is a firm policy that you release any fish weighing 10 lbs or more and we always encourage catch and release when you are at Reel North Outfitters.

Please inform everyone that may be accompanying your booking, as these limits are different from the regulated Saskatchewan Angling Limits for this area.

PLEASE NOTE: Limit Changes coming in 2019 - You will be allowed a take home limit of 3 Fish, any combination of Northern Pike or Lake Trout, your choice.

Please feel free to go on line to to refer to all information pertaining to fishing in Saskatchewan.
Fishing licenses may be purchased online at
**Please note you will require a printer to finish this process.

Reel North Outfitters is committed to the responsible management of
our fishing resources and strongly encourage Catch and Release and require the safe release of fish over 10lbs.