A Typical Day at McTavish

PLANE DAYS (THURSDAYS & SUNDAYS) your flight is booked with Osprey Wings to leave Missinipe at 9:00am, they require you check in at least 30 minutes ahead of flight time to ensure staying on schedule. If you check in by 8:00 you will likely arrive early and we'll be waiting! It is a beautiful 20 minute flight, enjoy the sights.

ONCE THE PLANE IS UNLOADED (and reloaded with the group leaving), we will help you get settled in to your cabins, get brown bag lunches arranged and send you off for a day of fishing, with maps and recommended fishing spots and techniques.

BREAKFAST IS SERVED AT 8 A.M. (coffee at 7:00) which will give you a good start for a day of hard work reeling in fish! Typical breakfast might be Bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, toast and juice OR pancakes and sausage or eggs benedict and fruit salad. ** PLEASE NOTE: breakfast is NOT served the first morning for the arriving group, only the departing group.

ONE DAY OF YOUR TRIP WILL BE A 'SHORELUNCH' so you won't take a brownbag lunch (sandwiches) but instead we will arrange a meeting place for 1:00pm and everyone will bring a fish to contribute to lunch. We will clean and cook the fish to perfection and it is still a highlight in our week after all these years, nothing better than a "fresh from the lake to the pan fishfry". Delicious!!

AFTER A WONDERFUL DAY ON THE LAKE, groups typically come in an hour or two before dinner (which is at 8:00pm/7:00pm in Sept. unless you arrange otherwise) for happy hour. Your catch for the day will be filleted, deboned and frozen, while you assist with bagging and tagging you can share the days adventures and fishing tales, true or not!

DINNER IS SERVED IN THE MAIN LODGE with a promise of delicious home cooked meals, including desserts. Please let us know about any allergies or health requirements regarding diet and we will do our best to accommodate that. Example menu -Your last night at the lodge is always steak night, with approx. a 10 oz Strip loin cooked to your liking, baked potato, grilled vegetables, foccacia loaf and homemade cookies to finish the meal. Another example might be BBQ roast beef, garlic mashed potato, gravy, ginger maple glazed carrots, fresh baked buns, apple pie with ice Cream or lasagna, caesar salad, garlic bread and fried angel cake.

EVENING ACTIVITIES MIGHT INCLUDE relaxing on the deck of the lodge watching the fish jump as the day comes to a close. Or possibly a couple more hours of fishing, cards or poker games, refreshments and good companionship, stargazing and northern lights watching, all while listening to the loons with their haunting call of the north. There are NO tv's, phones, internet, traffic or outside noise and distractions. This is peace and nature at its very best.

REPEAT DAILY until it is time to go home, sadly that will arrive all too soon. Rebook for the following year before you leave!!

Reel North Outfitters is committed to the responsible management of our fishing resources,
strongly encouraging Catch and Safe Release of all Northern Pike over 30" and all Lake Trout over 26".