We spent four fantastic days in the beginning of September. Great fishing, good weather and spectacular food. Brian and Candy are wonderful hosts. Can't wait for another trip!!!
Aaron I. 2021

Another great experience at Reel North. Thanks to Brian and Candy. Great times with nice people and super friends in gods country.
Mike W.2021

Just wanted to send a quick note to thank Brian and Candy for the great 4 days. The food outstanding and the company even better. Great fishing A super shore lunch with some cool refreshments, Hard to beat. If you want to get away from everything and relax, watch a pair of bald eagles who have made their home right next to Reel North or listen to the soothing sounds of loons on the lake this is the place to visit. Gather some friends and plan a trip. Thanks again
Mike W. 2020

6 Men out in the wild, ate like Kings treated like Royalty. We had so much fun fishing & laughing, Candy & Brian are the greatest hosts. We are already planning are trip next year & trying to bring 6 more friends so they can have an experience of a life time. Thank you again Candy & Brian Have a great summer see you next year.
Pat B. and friends

McTavish Lake is a wonderful place to reconnect with nature. A beautiful showcase of Northern Saskatchewan made perfect by our hosts, Candy and Brian. We spent our days of total freedom fishing and exploring the lake and its islands and the evenings serenaded by the loons. From the very first exciting float plane experience to the wonderful dinners and great fishing, this is Saskatchewan hospitality at its finest. Thank you Candy and Brian
Jan H.

Unbelievable trip! First big trip with my grandson and Brian and Candy made this all worth while. Seeing the smile on my grandson's face with his 9lb trout was worth millions.
Terry Q. Avonlea, SK.

This may be the most perfect place, I consider it home away from home! Perfect place, for a perfect vacation. And I couldn't do it without Brian and Candy, thank you.
Cory S.

Thanks for providing such a wonderful and peaceful oasis from the busy world. It really did a lot to cleanse my mind, body and heart. You treated me like family, my first trip out and I'm going to remember this fondly for the rest of my life.
Charlie S. - USA

Another annual trip in the books! Seven years and counting, thanks again for the great fishing and wonderful hospitality.
Mark M - Regina

In order to know excellence, one must find the top. This is it!!
Murray G - Calgary

An excellent experience with an awesome outfitter! Friendly people, great food and exciting fishing!
Denton D.

I'll be back! Great everything!!!!
Brad H.

Another classic trip thanks to Candy and Brian! Thank you for everything! Next year I'll go for a swim on purpose.
Chance O. - Alberta

I forgot what it was to be so carefree, peaceful and happy. This is a trip I will try to model all of my future vacations after! Thanks Brian and Candy, for making such a remarkable experience possible.
Evan G. - Edmonton

Thanks a lot for a great time! Never have I ever caught so many fish, let alone such a big one on day 1. Thanks again.
Wyatt C. - Saskatoon

A "Bucket List" experience for all of us. Yet, I will be back for a few more buckets. Thanks a thousand times.
Rob L. - Warman

Four day of sun/ three days of rain and snow! Fishing was good, lost several trophies! Will bring heavier line next year. I have never found a lodge with more hospitality, wonderful food and great service. I can't say enough. Thank you Brian and Candy.
Tim R. - Colorado

"Having dreamed of a fishing trip for years and listening to others tell stories of their trips to various places filled with trophies and troubles; I am more than happy with our experience with Reel North Outfitters. From the moment we first stepped onto the dock at Mctavish Lake (paradise) to our final day prior to leaving, our time was absolutely wonderful. You made strangers feel like one big family! The cabins are cleaned and cozy, the boats and motors worked flawlessly and the food . . . OH MY GOD . . . Amazing! Your personalities are no doubt the key ingredient to what makes Reel North Outfitters a success. I have passed on your website to a friend of mine and hope to return to McTavish real soon. I have a score to settle with the big one that got away!"
K. Olsen - Yorkton SK

"Some say they are living the dream . . . you truly are able to feel that. Amazing land and amazing lakes. Beautiful place . . . Thank you all for the hospitality, you make people feel at home and welcome them like family. Cheers!"
Smoliak Family - Alberta

"I have to say this is the best camp I have been to, Thanks for everything."
R. Schinkel - Saskatoon SK

"As this is my 2nd trip in, the service and help is the same as it was last year, the reason our gang came back. The camaraderie and friendliness will be remembered for years to come."
W. Buerger - Edmonton, AB

"This has been a lifetime dream of mine and I can honestly say you flks have made this trip better than I dreamed. I've made some very good friends here and you folks will always be in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks so much."
M. Cooper - Colorado, USA

"I haven't stopped eating since I got here. Thanks so much for everything. I can honeslty say this in one of my favorite places on the planet to be and will always remember. "
S. Raimondi - Calgary, AB

"A lake is simply a body of water, a liquid ecosystem. However, if you add an outfitters camp owned and operated by wonderful people and good friends, that that lake elevates itself to a truly special place in the hearts and minds of all those who embrace it."
B. Misener - Didsbury, AB

"I have been hearing about this place for years. It has been a great four days, fantastic weather, great friends, and the best fishing of my life. The best things were the food and how clean everything is. They have put the small conveniences that make 'roughing it' easy. You folks have a great place, can't wait to come back."
C.D. Airdrie, Alberta

"It was a total blast. I saw the biggest fish in my life (Huge!) You guys run a great operation, see you again soon!"
D.T. Beaumont, Alberta

"I thought the Lockness Monster was in Scotland until I came here."
C.D. Edmonton, Alberta

"Good time - Caught more fish today than I have caught all my life. Thanks for the fish fry on the beach, the great meals and fantastic hospitality."
G.E. Calgary, Alberta

"Thanks for the great time. Your hospitality was wonderful. Great food, and your helpfulness in giving whatever you could to make our time more enjoyable far exceeded my expectations."
J.T. Vermillion, Alberta

"Great Weather! Excellent Fishing! Food fit for Kings! Wonderful Hosts! Much more than I ever expected! I'm hooked!"
H.P. Rocky Rapids, Alberta

An entry taken from our guest book, written by a talented customer and very good friend. He puts into words so well, what the beauty of nature does for us all.


It's early morning on this, my last morning here in my own little sea of tranquility. One feels almost guilty as you tip-toe from your cabin, making every effort possible to not awaken your room mates. You head to the dock, your haven before your fellow McTavishians rise from their dreamless slumber.
The lake is motionless before you. A loon feeds just out from you and suddenly calls out its hauntingly beautiful melody that is the quintessential sound of the wilderness. Your mind smiles in gratitude at such a fitting goodbye. From shore, a hidden song sparrow burst forth with his own melody and your minds smile grows wider. Not a breath of wind mars the surface of the water. You see not one but two shorelines, and question which is the most beautiful of the two. Is it indeed the real or the inverted reflection, which creates the most beauty? A tie, you decide.
The water at your feet teems with life, yet is so pure as to allow you to reach down and slack your thirst with no worry as to its potability. You stare down at a small pike, sitting motionless half-in and half-out of the sun. He's doing what pike do, though I concede I know not what that truly is.
My eyes close. I relive all those moments of such importance which have taken place over the past wonderful week. I will rewind this week, this dock morning, many times over the coming year. It's one rerun I can watch over and over again.
I will relive the sounds, the sights, the smells . . . the silence. They will sustain me as I make my way in that other world in which we live. The wilderness is a balm for mans' very soul. Once it has touched you, its mark is indelible. Thank you for this.